Little Animated Drawings is a didactic pioneer activity in our country. The project consists of a workshop in which children between six and twelve years old are going to create their own animation short film.

The idea is to leave children develop their creativity while drawing and later be able to animate their paintings with computer programs and the support of a teacher and two technical experts.

The activity can bring together up to 25 pupils. At the same time, the LAD team will maintain the participative nature of the workshop and turn it into an occasion to encourage teamwork, a dialogue, the responsibility and the involvement of individuals during the project. Besides that, the overall theme of the workshop will respond to social issues of children in order to give them the opportunity to reflect and at the same time be able to express themselves in a creative way.

Due to the fact that we see special potential in the creative approach, which at the same time stimulates and fascinates children, we believe that this would be a powerful approach to give understanding about social topics and make them reflect in way suitable for children. Therefore, we claim that learning does not finish when the actual activity will come to an end, but is an ongoing process that finally will result in awareness and understanding of the genre short film.

The LAD project has been chosen to represent Spain during its presidency in the European Union. And with this motive, and under the recommendation of the Instituto Cervantes, a series of workshops under the title “Europe under the look of children” is going to be realized in countries such as Brazil, the Philippines, Morocco or Russia. The resulting short films are going to be published in the format of book+DVD to be dispersed as a project of the European Union.

A playful reinforcement

Little Animated Drawings expects to be a playful reinforcement to the capabilities developed in the first years of the primary school:

The Script • Narrative: To put in order thoughts, to specify ideas and to write the story.

The Artistic Direction • Drawing: To create stages and characters according to the script and to capture those in the storyboard.

Dubbing •Language: To express and interpret the psychology of the characters they have created through the tone of voice and other sound effects as well as speaking in different languages.

Animation •Technology and Computing: To become familiar with new technologies to transfer the manual animation to a computer system through animation programs.

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