Ressaca (Hangover) intends to be a feature film in the limit between cinema and live performance, starting at the moment when the Vjs is doing live presentations to the sound of electronic music stop.


Hangover tells the story of a teenager, from the puberty to young adult years, during the late eighties in Brazil, a time when the country was also going through an economic and political adolescence. His family will suffer the consequences of the boom of economic plans, crisis and economic currencies. We believe that the scheme proposed for the project will mirror the social puzzle of those times.


The project consists of a story composed of more than 120 short sequences. The selection and order of these sequences, though, won't be predetermined: in every section the director will choose a set of scenes and the order in which they will be presented. With the projection in digital format, it is already possible to store small pieces of video in a way that the author, in the projection theater, may execute a live edition, mixing the parts, connecting them with different styles of cuts and fusions. To the montage, a live musical performance will be added, with themes written by the musicians and played from notebooks.

The project was conceived for movie theaters. As it requires the presence of the director and the musicians, it won't open as a regular film in continuous sessions, but with one daily screening five times a week, like a theater play.


Hangover has an interface for editing that was developed specially for the movie, Sprocket (Engrenagem). It was created with the support of the Hangar Arts Centre, in Barcelona, and was the final project of the Master in Digital Arts of Maíra Sala, at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra. There, she had the support from the group that developed the Reactable, a musical synthesis interface used by Bjork and other artists in live presentations.

The Sprocket consists of a touch screen, that allows elements of the movie to be manipulated with the fingers. As this screen has a one meter of diameter and is positioned next to the theater's main screen , the public can follow the whole editing process. The interface created allows the visualization of the whole material and its organization, through the creation of links which define the scene order. Besides, it is possible to manipulate every shot of every sequence, changing its position within the movie.

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