GUSTORAMA: the audiovisual tasting


Gustorama is a special film experience which appeals to the spectator's imagination, memory, taste, sight and hearing. Our project consists in savouring food and watching at the screen at the same time.

The projection occurs in a specially prepared room, laid out with armchairs and coffee tables for a small audience, which creates an atmosphere of intimacy.

Previously, the catering service would have served on each table some numbered small ovenproof dishes with food, which will be eaten during the projection. Seated in their armchair, the spectators watch the short film with earphones without losing sight of the numbers on the screen mentioning what should be eaten linked to the numbers on the small ovenproof dishes.

Flavours, which are recognized, stimulate the audience’s imagination as well as their taste memory while they enjoy the multi sensation projection.


Since its beginning, the film industry has decided to give an important place to the reality. The introduction of the sound, the colour, the 3D…. It’s history is full of initiatives aiming to expand the cinematographic experience.

This project comes from an original idea of Roberto Barrueco (Mecal Manager). It is a first experience inspired by John Waters’ rehearsals. Indeed, in the 80’s, Waters made some projections of his movie Polyester, called odorama.

During this session, the audience was given a numbered cardboard which had to be scraped and smelt at the same time while seeing numbers on the screen.

Gustorama is a similar version (maybe more complex) in the sense that the audience not only use its smell but also tries and tastes some elements of the projection.

Venues where Gustorama has been done

This experience, that happened during the 10th Mecal Edition (2007), has already been carried out in the artistic experimental rooms of Lucky Strike (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla) and at the Atrium (Basque museum and cultural centre of Contemporary Art of Vitoria) and the Cultural Center of Caja Madrid, in Barcelona.



This experience aims at creating an interaction between the pictures and the taste memory by studying the links established by the brain between what we see and what we eat.


Projection takes place in a room where there are armchairs and coffee tables so the audience can savour the food provided (liquid or solid) while looking at the screen with earphones.

The audience is made up of 5 to 8 people for each projection.


Each projection is about 12 minutes long. The experience lasts between 3 and 4 hours maximum per day. (Time is variable)

Required Equipment
1.a screen
2.a projector of at least 1500 ansi lumens (for a screen of 2, 44 by 1,8 meters or taller)
3.a standard DVDs burner
4.a sound equipment suited for the place of projection
5.wireless headphones/earphones
6.sound and video wires
7.armchairs and coffee tables service that prepares the food in advance

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