The MecalSubt company belongs to the video post-production sector and emerged from Mecal, the Barcelona Short Film Festival (

Born out of the festival experience, MecalSubt offers special screenings and quality subtitling services for festivals and other types of organizations requiring similar services.

Both our translating and subtitling teams have vast experience in a wide range of fields; as well as having translated and subtitled at all previous 11 editions of the festival, more than 20 city councils in Catalonia have used our services, and we have participated in numerous projects with other organizations such as the Cervantes Institutes in Brazil and Asia.

In a nutshell, we can offer our clients professional quality audiovisual products and a wide range of subtitles, both multilingual and for the deaf and hard of hearing.

MecalSubt stands for quality subtitling, competitive prices and a guarantee that we will deliver on time.


Thanks to our vast experience, we can provide specialized services and adapt to whatever your organization needs.

We have already subtitled from almost every language into English, French, and Spanish and even into Chinese and Russian.

We handle all subtitle types and formats: shorts and feature films, documentaries, video clips, and provide solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Our favourite formats are DVD and Betacam. On DVD we can generate closed or burned-in subtitles in the following formats:

.pac /.stl / .890 / .das / .o32 / .txt / .sst / .spi / .nav / .son / .scr / .usf / .sif / .smi / .srt

MecalSubt / Associación Mecal
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